Levelling Inscription is fun

So after reading a random article about someone making a lot of money on WoW from Inscription, I decided that would be the best profession for my newly leveled Warrior, along with herbalism.  So I’ve been gathering herb and crushing it into a powder for my Inscriptioning, and I swear its all legal.  Anyone out there have tips for me? I’ve just been making whatever seemed cheapest at the moment, but I read somewhere I could level the whole thing for about 1000g! That’s way cheap compared to Jewelcrafting and Enchanting!

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Ni No Kuni

Have you ever heard of Studio Ghibli? No? How bout Princess Mononoke? Howl’s Moving Castle? Spirited Away? Okay, I think you get the point. Well the awesomeness that is Ghibli has partnered with Level-5 (Professor Layton ring a bell?), to create an amazing work of art. Ni No Kuni has the gorgeous beauty of a Ghibli movie, with the addictive, thought provoking gameplay of Level-5. It’s on DS and PS3, but there’s one downside. It’s currently out in Japan with no release date for America. This, more than anything else in this world, makes me want to learn Japanese. By the way, it’s been getting 9.5/10 and above from some Japanese game review sites.

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Happy Independence Day everyone!

I know America can be a pretty messed up place sometimes, but it is honestly a lot better than the alternatives!  I mean, sure, places like Libya have Facebook just like America, but we’re the only place were you can publicly tell the president to go screw himself (not that I would say that of course), and not get killed for doing so.

So to everyone in America, and all the troops near and far, to you I say Happy 4th!

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Well that was quick! I now have the ability to ramble on the go. Word Press just bumped StumbleUpon off the extremely cramped home screen of my Droid. So long, Stumble. You were extremely awesome for a few days, then extremely boring.

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World of Warcraft, you are an old friend

Yes, it’s true. I restarted my love affair with WoW.  The past few days I’ve been bored (with no work) so I decided it would be a good idea to reactivate my WoW account and continue leveling my 40ish Warrior.  Well, those few days have come and gone and now he is a 67 Warrior… I sense many long WoW nights coming.

I just now have to continue to convince myself I don’t want to raid.  I honestly don’t foresee myself slipping into that habit, though, as it just requires way too much coordination, time, and effort.  WoW has been a second job to me in the past, and I don’t intend for it to become that again.

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Murkin zombies and dusting off the ol’ PS3

So I finally got around to installing my Welcome Back program games from the PSN outage.  I went with Infamous, LBP, Dead Nation, and some other game I can’t currently recall.  But no matter! My assistant manager Dave stopped by and we decided to shoot up some zombies on Dead Nation.

It was a surprisingly fun game, however at times it is almost impossible to see your microscopic zombie killer due to the terrible terrible terrible TERRIBLE (did I say terrible?) lighting in the game. Now, that’s not to say that it didn’t look pretty. It definitely did, but it was just so dark it made it impossible to see 90% of the game.

Overall fun couch co-op though.

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