Freaking Parking Tickets

So I slog my way out of bed today, and search through my mail. I come across a message from Progressive (my auto insurance). They are saying they need the VIN # from my car.  So I go out to my car to get the Vin, and to my dismay, find a parking ticket tucked snugly under my windshield wiper. It’s telling me that I have “illegally parked facing the wrong direction”.  I am parked outside my house, but evidently my car was facing the wrong way.  Now, maybe its just me, but I had no idea there were laws to dictate which way someone parked in residential areas.  But I suppose now I do. Enjoy your $20, ya bastards.


About THE Caucasian Male

I'm currently a store manager at GameStop. I enjoy playing games, WoW, and Magic: The Gathering in the off time. However, there isn't too much of that with the usual amount of work I do!
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