Dark Souls

Holy balls am I excited for this game.  If you have never played Demon’s Souls, and you own a PS3, shame on you. And more importantly, please go play it.  It is by far my favorite PS3 game, and probably my favorite current gen game.  It’s super dark, super medieval, and super hard.

It’s spiritual successor, Dark Souls, is coming later this year on October 4th.  I am so pumped for this game it’s insane.  At my job, we have to push reservations on customers, and more than any other game, I push for this one.  It’s got the combat style of the first one, although it is a completely seperate story.  So far the footage I have seen has been brutal.  Demon’s Souls is known for being excruciatingly difficult, and Dark Souls is expected to be much more difficult.  Between this and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I don’t know how I’m going to accomplish anything this holiday season.


Here’s some game play footage.


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I'm currently a store manager at GameStop. I enjoy playing games, WoW, and Magic: The Gathering in the off time. However, there isn't too much of that with the usual amount of work I do!
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