World of Warcraft, you are an old friend

Yes, it’s true. I restarted my love affair with WoW.  The past few days I’ve been bored (with no work) so I decided it would be a good idea to reactivate my WoW account and continue leveling my 40ish Warrior.  Well, those few days have come and gone and now he is a 67 Warrior… I sense many long WoW nights coming.

I just now have to continue to convince myself I don’t want to raid.  I honestly don’t foresee myself slipping into that habit, though, as it just requires way too much coordination, time, and effort.  WoW has been a second job to me in the past, and I don’t intend for it to become that again.


About THE Caucasian Male

I'm currently a store manager at GameStop. I enjoy playing games, WoW, and Magic: The Gathering in the off time. However, there isn't too much of that with the usual amount of work I do!
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