Ni No Kuni

Have you ever heard of Studio Ghibli? No? How bout Princess Mononoke? Howl’s Moving Castle? Spirited Away? Okay, I think you get the point. Well the awesomeness that is Ghibli has partnered with Level-5 (Professor Layton ring a bell?), to create an amazing work of art. Ni No Kuni has the gorgeous beauty of a Ghibli movie, with the addictive, thought provoking gameplay of Level-5. It’s on DS and PS3, but there’s one downside. It’s currently out in Japan with no release date for America. This, more than anything else in this world, makes me want to learn Japanese. By the way, it’s been getting 9.5/10 and above from some Japanese game review sites.


About THE Caucasian Male

I'm currently a store manager at GameStop. I enjoy playing games, WoW, and Magic: The Gathering in the off time. However, there isn't too much of that with the usual amount of work I do!
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