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Inscription Guide

The best way to make tons of money with inscription is by making Darkmoon Cards of Destruction, and using the resulting leftover Blackfallow Ink for glyphs.  For instance. On my server, you can buy a stack of Whiptail for about … Continue reading

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I’m finally getting used to beer

Well I’ve been forcing myself to drink beer cause I wanted to be one of the hipsters, and I can finally say I’m starting to enjoy it.  The last two types of beers I’ve tried (Kokanee and Budweiser) I’ve actually … Continue reading

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WoW Auction House Goodness

So I recently started trying my hand at reselling things at the auction house, and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.  My favorite tool thus far has to be Auctioneer. This little gem lets me set up “Snatch”. … Continue reading

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Winning Sales Techniques and Best Practices

I’ve been working in sales for a good 7 years now, and I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there.  Let’s keep this short and sweet, here’s a list of the tricks I’ve learned.   Team Sell.  If you … Continue reading

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Dark Souls

Holy balls am I excited for this game.  If you have never played Demon’s Souls, and you own a PS3, shame on you. And more importantly, please go play it.  It is by far my favorite PS3 game, and probably … Continue reading

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Freaking Parking Tickets

So I slog my way out of bed today, and search through my mail. I come across a message from Progressive (my auto insurance). They are saying they need the VIN # from my car.  So I go out to … Continue reading

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White Russians…. is good?

White Russians, my favorite drink ever since watching The Dude drink a good 15 or so. Sweet, smooth, and tasty.  50 parts Vodka, 20 parts Kahlua, 30 parts cream.

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Screw Healthcare

So I am going over all the healthcare I got signed up for recently during open enrollment.  I call them up and they say I have a $1200 deductible before I get covered for my medical!!! I wouldn’t care as much if … Continue reading

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Money, you are a fickle beast

Money, you come and go out of my life much like the rising tide on a sunset beach.  Why, oh why, do you hate me so?  You seem to be around when I don’t need you, yet in my time … Continue reading

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A Page View!!!!

Hello my first page viewer!!!! How are you?! Don’t leave yet! Please! It’s lonely here.  We can be friends. I’ll make Kool-Aid! And give you a back rub!….Okay that last one was a little creepy. I’ll understand if you don’t … Continue reading

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