Inscription Guide

The best way to make tons of money with inscription is by making Darkmoon Cards of Destruction, and using the resulting leftover Blackfallow Ink for glyphs.  For instance. On my server, you can buy a stack of Whiptail for about 23g on a good day.  On average, you get 1 Inferno ink (2 Burning Embers) per stack of 20 Whiptail. A darkmoon card costs 10 Inferno Ink, a Resilient Parchment, and 30 Volatile Life.  The Volatile Life goes for about 10g each.

So in total you’re looking at about 530g to make 1 card.  The cards are random and can go for anywhere between 500-1500g.  Now, you may only break even with the card, but you’re left with quite a lot of Pigment left over from milling.  This can then be turned into glyphs.  The glyphs take 3 ink and 1 parchment each to make, and can sell anywhere from 10g-150 each.  If you pick glyphs that are currently selling at high prices on your server (only make 1-2 each, that way you’ll have a lot of variety), you can end up making an extra 1500-2000g off of that stack of herbs that was bought for your Darkmoon card.

Also, if you are an herbalist, there is an awesome location (pictured below) in Uldum that I use for farming Whiptail.  In an hour of farming, I can get around 15-20 stacks of Whiptail from following this route.

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I’m finally getting used to beer

Well I’ve been forcing myself to drink beer cause I wanted to be one of the hipsters, and I can finally say I’m starting to enjoy it.  The last two types of beers I’ve tried (Kokanee and Budweiser) I’ve actually enjoyed.  Add this to the list of beer I already liked (Dos Equis) and that now totals 3 beers I like! I’m starting to feel like a pro.  Sam Adams here I come!

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WoW Auction House Goodness

So I recently started trying my hand at reselling things at the auction house, and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.  My favorite tool thus far has to be Auctioneer. This little gem lets me set up “Snatch”.  Pretty much, I put in the hot ticket items on the snatch (herbs, ore, Volatile earth, fire etc..) and I say what I’m willing to pay for them.

What I’m willing to pay is usually about 25-30% less than what they sell for on average on the AH.  So I do a scan, the scan pulls up any of my snatch items that are currently at the cheap price I’m looking, I buy them, and repost them once the market goes back to normal on them.  This usually nets me about a 20% profit on these items, which adds up very quickly especially when you buy in bulk.

For instance, I bought 20 volatile fires at 11g each. I resold them at about 14g a piece. This translates into a 60g profit.

My other favorite addon is AuctionMaster.  This one I use for posting items.  It has very smart algorithms that give me various pricing options (undercut my competition, go for a slightly higher, yet still on the low side of the market price, or try my luck at average market price).  It also shows price per item which is helpful in calculating profits.

With a few hours of setup and about 20 minutes to do a scan and buy/resell/post, it has already netted me a couple thousand gold in 2 days of use!

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Winning Sales Techniques and Best Practices

I’ve been working in sales for a good 7 years now, and I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there.  Let’s keep this short and sweet, here’s a list of the tricks I’ve learned.


  • Team Sell.  If you aren’t alone the best thing you can do is pair up with someone and be their wing man/woman.  Let one person lead the sale with their standard pitch, and if the customer isn’t buying it, that’s when you jump in and tell them about more benefits/features.  When a person hears a pitch from only one person, they can be hesitant, but instinctively, if they hear it from two different people they are  a lot more prone to buying in.
  • Nod, use hand gestures, and emphasize things.  When you put energy into your pitch, and really sell with your whole body rather than just your words, it shows confidence. Customers like confidence.  Let me ask you this, if a salesperson isn’t confident in what they are selling, how can you be?  This leads me to my next point.
  • Be energetic!  I’m honestly not the most energetic person in the morning.  That’s why I’ve gotten in the habit of drinking a big cup of coffee right before my shift.  This may not be for everyone, but for me, it gives the energy I need to be extremely enthusiastic.
  • Know your stuff.  The more you know about your product, the easier it will be to sell it.  If you know the in’s and out’s of what you’re selling, it’s going to be a breeze to tell the customer all of the right information.
  • Don’t oversell.  One of the worst things you can do is tell the customer about every single little feature about what you’re selling.  Hit the high points of it as big as you can, but don’t mention everything.  This does two things.  Firstly, it doesn’t overwhelm the customer, and second, it gives you sales fodder to push them to a yes if they are still on the fence.
  • Use the materials given to you.  If you are a car salesperson, let them sit in the car. If you have pamphlets, go over the bulletins in the pamphlet (much like a PowerPoint).  Words can only do so much, but when a customer has a product in their hands, they will start to feel ownership of it.
  • Believe in yourself. Like I said earlier, your confidence is what will sell things.  Give yourself and teammates pep talks before shifts.  Build each other up for success.
  • Be competitive.  Whether your on commission or not, friendly competition can do wonders for sales.  Brag when you do well.  Make bets to see who can reach certain sales goals.  Do these things though lightly and friendly. as it will keep the environment fun.
These techniques have kept the store I run in the top 100(out of 4500) of the company since I’ve started working there.  The biggest thing to remember is to have fun with it.  Everyone has off-days so don’t beat yourself up if your numbers slip.  Just keep trucking on and doing your thing and you’ll be at the top in no time.
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Dark Souls

Holy balls am I excited for this game.  If you have never played Demon’s Souls, and you own a PS3, shame on you. And more importantly, please go play it.  It is by far my favorite PS3 game, and probably my favorite current gen game.  It’s super dark, super medieval, and super hard.

It’s spiritual successor, Dark Souls, is coming later this year on October 4th.  I am so pumped for this game it’s insane.  At my job, we have to push reservations on customers, and more than any other game, I push for this one.  It’s got the combat style of the first one, although it is a completely seperate story.  So far the footage I have seen has been brutal.  Demon’s Souls is known for being excruciatingly difficult, and Dark Souls is expected to be much more difficult.  Between this and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I don’t know how I’m going to accomplish anything this holiday season.


Here’s some game play footage.

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Freaking Parking Tickets

So I slog my way out of bed today, and search through my mail. I come across a message from Progressive (my auto insurance). They are saying they need the VIN # from my car.  So I go out to my car to get the Vin, and to my dismay, find a parking ticket tucked snugly under my windshield wiper. It’s telling me that I have “illegally parked facing the wrong direction”.  I am parked outside my house, but evidently my car was facing the wrong way.  Now, maybe its just me, but I had no idea there were laws to dictate which way someone parked in residential areas.  But I suppose now I do. Enjoy your $20, ya bastards.

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White Russians…. is good?

White Russians, my favorite drink ever since watching The Dude drink a good 15 or so. Sweet, smooth, and tasty.  50 parts Vodka, 20 parts Kahlua, 30 parts cream.

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Screw Healthcare

So I am going over all the healthcare I got signed up for recently during open enrollment.  I call them up and they say I have a $1200 deductible before I get covered for my medical!!! I wouldn’t care as much if it was for emergency stuff like I get my leg chopped off.  But come on, I don’t spend that much on medical in 5 years.  Pretty much I’m paying them a good $50 a paycheck for absolutely nothing.  Thanks, Cigna!

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Money, you are a fickle beast

Money, you come and go out of my life much like the rising tide on a sunset beach.  Why, oh why, do you hate me so?  You seem to be around when I don’t need you, yet in my time of need, you are but an elusive shadow, constantly evading my wallet.  You give me a great feeling when I spend you on a credit card bill.  So much a good feeling, it would seem, that I spend far too much of you and leave none left for rent.

Why do you taunt me, money?  Can’t we be friends? I will even invite your relatives and close ones to join my wallet.  Think of all the fun we can have.  We can buy games! Or in-game mounts! Or I could even buy you a new cozy wallet to sleep in.  Wouldn’t you like that, money?  Why don’t you just come down and stay awhile in my wallet.  Money, you break my heart.

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A Page View!!!!

Hello my first page viewer!!!!

How are you?! Don’t leave yet! Please! It’s lonely here.  We can be friends. I’ll make Kool-Aid! And give you a back rub!….Okay that last one was a little creepy. I’ll understand if you don’t stay.

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